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Top managers can access virtually all existing sources of income globally.

The Absolute Return concept, called the Multi Synergy Concept, achieves diversification across low-correlated value drivers (i.e., strategies that have strengths and weaknesses at different times and thus balance each other out).


In addition, the Multi Synergy concept allows access to:


Managers whose products can no longer be invested as new customers



Funds with a minimum investment of over $ 1 million



Strategies that are only accessible to the respective management


Additional strategy optionally used by Qbasis to hedge or increase revenue (0% - 20%)

Eine Möglichkeit in das vom Index abgebildete Produkt zu investieren:

Statistics Multi Synergy Index (ISIN: AT0000A2CDV2)

The Multi Synergy Index represents the performance of the Multi Synergy Concept

chart fs 04_edited.jpg

Multi Synergy Index (ISIN: AT0000A2CDV2) *

This marketing announcement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy. Every capital investment involves a risk. Prices can go down as well as up. The asset allocation shown and the funds used in the concept can be changed at any time. The Multi Synergy Index is a non-investable index listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange that tracks the performance of the Multi Synergy concept. * The performance and statistics of the Multi Synergy concept were determined by self-calculation based on the real numbers of the funds used in the concept. From a legal point of view, this results in a simulated performance. The simulations and performance results of the past do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the future development of an investment product and do not guarantee the same or similar performance for the future. The quality ratio comparison refers to the values of the MSCI World Index (Price, USD), Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return Index (source for both: Bloomberg) and Multi Synergy concept since 03/2006.

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