Qbasis Invest GmbH is a licensed investment firm pursuant to § 3 WAG and thus notorious for the commercial provision of the following financial services:

As a global specialist in alternative investments and their use in a portfolio, we offer investment funds, funds of funds and individual asset management. A particular focus will be on securing portfolios through the use of alternative investments such as managed futures to achieve sustainable performance.

Florian Wagner
MMag. Philipp Pölzl
Mag. Dr. Christian Sedlnitzky
Mag. Gerhard Massenbauer
Mag. Hannes Dolzer
Eva-Katharina Novak
Valentin Schintler



Qbasis offers a wide range of know-how and focuses on the following research areas:


With years of research, systematic trading strategies can significantly help stabilize a portfolio through strong returns at the right moment.


... through direct and favorable investments in the global market. By using intelligent multifactor models within ETFs, we can enable this for our customers.


The key to building a customer portfolio is its habit. In order to optimally ensure this, correlation studies on the individual asset classes as well as individual products in general and in specific market situations are inevitable. The result can only be a true multi-asset, multi-manager and multi-strategy approach.


We are committed to creating a sustainable, environmentally sound and low carbon solution to the world energy problem. With the construction of a liquid salt power plant (LSP) we want to counter this problem.


In this research area, we would like to create studies and assessments of the global real estate situation and implement various projects as organizational and financial management.

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