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Within the rapidly growing market of green energy Qbasis considers itself as a mediator between parties that are jointly pursuing regional developments of energy projects via a network of international research and engineering firms. 


Qbasis supports energy projects wihtin its business ecosystem with critical expertise around corporate finance, legal and funding issues throughout the life-cycle.


The current project pipeline includes the following among others:


Generation of CO2-free or CO2-neutral energy through innovative concepts in the field of photovoltaics and waste wood recycling as well as the major project nuclear waste utilization


The ADES combines the basic technical features of a molten salt reactor with the geometry of a fusion reactor and a passively safe ON/OFF control unit. Energy is produced through the use of Thorium, which has an energy density that exceeds existing chemical energy carriers by a factor of one million. The Thorium which is mixed with liquid salt and spun in a torso, powered by a circulation pump.

ADES is subcritical with no chain reaction:

an energy injector stimulates the production of heat and, as with classic power plants, this heat is harvested via heat exchangers and used to generate electricity or for direct hydrogen production.

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